About Us


COOLSSHA is a science in the era of centenarians.

COOLSSHA Electric toothbrush is another new name of Noksibcho Group, that has grown into the medical company for healthy world covering a variety of health food, cosmetics, and medical appliances for over 30 years, including Noksibcho (convalescent) hospital

Based on accumulated knowhow of excellent product development technology acquired through export to over 20 countries so far, Noksibcho Group gets to know that healthy teeth affects human life greatly, and has researched/developed an Electric toothbrush “COOLSSHA” together with dental specialists (medical staff and scholars) since 19 years ago, targeting the world’s top product

COOLSSHA boasts of the internationally patented technology of a three-dimensional cleaning type, realizing, in the most ideal way, tooth brushing techniques of horizontal reciprocating and vertical sweeping recommended by dentists.

We promise that we will further concentrate the study of COOLSSHA Electric tooth brush for your healthy life and life extension, and our executives and staff will make best efforts to grow into the globalized special company and to reward for your continued concern and love.